Well-protected RTU (Arduino-enabled)

We got determined to build a big brother to development boards. Arduino allowed hobbyists to develop code easily. It created a community, and we decided to give our share. Many different boards were born, but rarely a board was designed that was well-protected for more real experiments and projects. We especially liked a board with automotive applications (We are not promising any standards! The board is still provided as is). And so... Stronghold was born! It is the strongest development board made! By employing an Atmega2560 microcontroller, Stronghold can be easily used like any Arduino board, and can be programmed by Arduino IDE. Thus, Stronghold is Arduino-enabled.

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  1. Atmega2560 microcontroller
  2. Powered by external source through protection
  3. Build-in USB. Can detect USB connection in firmware.
  4. Programmable through USB or ISP
  5. SIM5320 (GSM/2G/3G/GPS) programmable through USB
  6. SMA active GPS and GSM antenna connections
  7. On-board 260kHz 3A 5V, 260kHz 3A 4.05V, 100mA 3.3V regulators
  8. 3-5 high-current 47A-rated MOSFET outputs. MCU to MOSFET gates are isolated by PS2501L. MOSFET outputs are protected by flyback diode and TVS. Unassembled RC can be used as snubber. Designed and tested to work with concurrent 500mA outputs (Heatsink locations are provided but are unassembled).
  9. separate Omron G5LA-14 DC5 safety relay, PTC, 5kw TVS, and trapezoid filter for outputs
  10. Protected inputs/outputs for a Wiegand keypad
  11. LM62 analog internal temperature
  12. LSM303DLHC accelerometer/magnetometer/internal temperature
  13. TVS/GDT/Surge protected RS485 based on fault-protected MAX13442E (Code-compatible with MAX485)
  14. Ability to perform fault-protected pulse sensing (K-Line) through MAX13442E
  15. 3-5 TVS/high-rate/range protected analog inputs.
  16. Access to 20MB of flash memory through AT commands or LUA programming in GSM module
  17. Voltage reference of 2.5V
  18. Additional 1.6A-rated MOSFETS for supply control for accessories.
  19. Auto fuse holder, thermal cutoff, PTC, input schottky, 5kw input TVS, input trapezoid filter
  20. Programmable through Arduino IDE. Yet, NOT Arduino pin compatible.
  21. Possible additional 256kB EEPROM (Not assembled)

This board is a blank development board that is also arduino-enabled.