Authenticated Monitoring and Control Box

MCB8-256 is a monitoring and control box that acts as a slave for a master dedicated server . A common communication protocol allows proper communication between the box(es) and the master server. Client can develop their own software to communicate with MCB8-256 using the communication protocol. MCB8-256 can be used in applications such as:

  1. Monitoring: Sensor data acquisition and logging to a known online internet address.
  2. Control: Opening and closing 12VDC solenoid valves, or turning 12VDC relays on or off by commands received from SMS or internet.
  3. Turning on and off power switches
  4. Allows control only to either permitted username and passwords which can be updated real-time or keypad passes that can be updated periodically.
  5. Can act as an slave for a master server that can control many other slaves.
  6. It can track itself using GPS, and log location to a master server.
  7. And much more. Contact us at for more information

The box can be used in unsafe, toxic, and/or secure places, and be controlled remotely using wireless data communication or SMS.

The box is authenticated and allows communication only to permitted users through SMS or data.